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Detroit Dumpster Rental will always have cheap dumpster rentals. It’s only natural to want a dumpster rental at the cheapest price. All of us want something at the best price. So, what separates us from all other dumpster companies?

When You Rent a Dumpster From Us It Will Always be Cheap.

It’s as easy as making a call and we can deliver a rubber wheel or roll off dumpster in Detroit or anywhere else. With our upfront cost, there is no guessing what the price will be. Everything will be included. Delivery and pickup, how long you can keep the dumpster and no taxes at a low flat rate.

This is what you’ll enjoy with us:

  • Upfront cost with no extra fees.
  • Any roll off dumpster size to fit your budget.
  • Our staff will help you through the complete rental process.

Call for the Best Rate: 313-246-8880

The Best Pricing for Dumpster Rentals in Detroit

Cheap prices are what you get from us. Everyone says they have the cheapest price. Why can we say our prices are the best? We call around to our competitors and get price quotes so no one can beat our prices. When we did a search on Google we found that the majority of the websites that we called were either big box companies such as “Waste Management” and “Republic” or out-of-state brokers such as “Budget Dumpster”, “Hometown Dumpster Rental” or ” Dumpster For Less” to name a few. They will take the order and have a local dumpster company deliver the container. They add their fee and this fee gets passed on to the consumer.

However, now you have a place where you can rent a dumpster directly from a local dumpster rental company that’s been in business since 2005. Rated # 1 in Metro Detroit for cheap prices and service. We offer two types of dumpsters to choose from. Roll-off dumpsters for any size project you are undertaking and rubber wheel dumpsters for those jobs where a damaged driveway is a concern.


We provide a cheap and affordable process when renting dumpsters, whether a roll-off dumpster, also called roll-off containers, or junk removal with rates that are the lowest in Detroit. We also rent rubber-wheeled dumpsters. If you have concerns about your driveway, these are the dumpsters for you. We carry 10-yard and 20-yard dumpster sizes.

Here’s a guide to help you rent a dumpster.

Why Dumpster Rental Service In Detroit?

Looking for a Dumpster Rental in Detroit? Complete satisfaction and excellent service is our goal. Our staff is qualified to assist with any question you have. Our employees are top-notch and can handle any task that may pop up.

Save Between $10 And $75 On Your Dumpster Rental Cost

Our dumpsters are priced to save money on every rental. Many companies out there say they will save you money, but we really do. By the time they tack on fees the cost will double what was originally quoted.

This Is What Detroit Dumpster Rental Promises

  1. With our no hidden fee guarantee, the price will remain the same
  2. Our flat-rate price will make you want to use it again.
  3. With our rock bottom rates and super service, we can’t be beaten.
  4. Continue to be the #1 dumpster company in Motor City.
  5. Always will have the best prices in town.

To Receive The Best Pricing On Roll Off Dumpsters

Detroit Dumpster Rental is proud to be the best company in southeast Michigan. And this could only be because of the great reviews and spreading the word to your friends and neighbors. That means a lot to us, being a family-owned and operated business, and anybody that has a family business knows how hard it is to maintain and operate a small business. It takes plenty of hard work and sacrifices to keep it up and running.

Detroit Dumpster Rental

“Rent  From a Local Dumpster Service Company With the Best Prices”

Dumpster Rentals may be the easiest solution for getting rid of trash and debris for any home improvement project. Renting a dumpster should not be difficult or time-consuming. Your time is important. Choosing the right trash removal company will save you precious time, and keep your project running smoothly.

Have a large project? Renting directly from a local trash hauling company will provide a boost to the neighborhood’s economy.
If time is short and you are in need of a roll-off service, we can help. Give us a call.
Open-top containers are the best choice to get rid of that unwanted junk.

Renting locally from Dumpster Rental Detroit is the best solution for removing construction waste. Read More.

Rubber Wheeled Dumpster Rental

10-yard and 20-yard dumpsters are available. Perfect for those small to medium size jobs.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

10 yard thru 45 yard dumpsters available. Great for homeowners and contractors doing large jobs.

Business Dumpsters

2-4-6-8 yard dumpsters are available and placed at your place of business.

Dumpster Rental Questions

Dumpster rentals can be a convenient and the best way to get rid of that household junk that you have been storing for many years. Rather than putting all that waste in your truck and hauling it to the dump, give Detroit Dumpster Rental a call and we’ll have a dumpster delivered to your site. Fill the dumpster to the top, please do not overfill. Then we’ll pick it up and haul it away to the landfill. It’s just that easy.
Before you rent a dumpster, there are a few things you should know. For instance, are they a local dumpster company and not a broker from out of state? Brokers take the order and then try to find a local dumpster company to deliver the container. The price is usually higher because the broker makes a fee for their service.

The very important question is: Do I need a permit? Not every city requires one. Here is a link to the City Of Detroit to check if you need a permit. Read More.

Why You Should Hire Detroit Dumpster Rental

Whether we talk about domestic or professional activities, waste disposal is always an essential matter of concern. When we end up doing seasonal cleaning at home, lots of unwanted material gets accumulated at our disposal, and then it becomes essential to find someone to clean the clutter. In order to ensure perfect cleaning in the space without causing any damage to the environment, it is important to follow an accurate waste management strategy. Read More.

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